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Crane Artworks LLC in Oklahoma City

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Have you ever thought about partnering with a professional that can take care of all your marketing asset development needs? Maybe someone that can create your own stock photography library, so you can stop using those stock photo sites. Perhaps a skilled wordsmith that can produce unique, engaging, and impactful copyrighting for use anywhere you desire. Do your marketing pieces need an upgrade? How about working with someone with decades of digital design experience? For instance, a person who knows how to make you look bigger than you are, and can drive traffic to your business. Someone that has the skills and the ability to exceed deadline expectations and provide press-ready artwork on the first draft. I’m talking about a seasoned professional, me.

If anything, I mentioned above is a missing element in your business, and you would like to get started increasing your brand’s image and company profits, contact me here.   

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A Full-Service Creative
Design Agency

I’m A Skilled Artist Who Can Tell Your Story With Words, Images, and Impactful Design.

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What I do

In the past 30 years in marketing and advertising, which 26 years of that have included being behind the camera lens, and at the keyboard. I use a full-frame camera that allows me to offer high-resolution images. I use Adobe software exclusively to create all advertisements and copywriting content.



Do Your Prospects, Know Your Story?

Every business has a story to tell, but so often it goes untold. Effective advertising is more than building and sharing an ad about your products/services, it's using the ad to convey your culture, mission, and the "why" you should be the prospect's choice. That's where my copywriting skill can help! 

Digital Design & Layout

Achieving the best print output from design does not start with the printer. It begins with the designer. Whether you're needing to design for a magazine, newspaper, internet, screenprinting, etc., I have the expertise for the job.

Online Assets

Could your business use a design partner that is in the know for all things internet-related? If yes, I can be your guy. I bring to the table 26+ years of experience creating marketing assets for businesses large and small. Give me a try!  

Website Design

Before you choose one of the many website services online, that promise an easy fix for your online presence, check out what visibility features they offer. Many do not provide anything more than a place to build a website. That type of service won't do you much good if your prospects can't find your site listed in a search engine. 


Using unique images is just one of the ways you can stand out from your competition. I can help you create your very own unique stock photo library, and it won't cost you an arm or a leg.

Let's get together and talk about how you will start using one-of-a-kind photos for all of your marketing and advertising pieces.

Direct Mail Service

Growing Your Business Does Not
Have To Cost A Fortune!

Any business can target an area and mail 200 to 5000 pieces per day, with no permit required. For less than 0.20 cents per piece, EDDM® is the most affordable and effective method of advertising available today. My formula has produced an above-average return on investment (ROI) for many businesses, without breaking the bank.

Give Crane Artworks LLC a Try!

My job is to Make You Look Like The Leader In Your Industry.

Image is everything, as long as you're willing to work hard to live up to the created image, your business will THRIVE!

We've all seen businesses that come out of the gate on fire, then over time, they settle for being mediocre. They begin to sacrifice the quality of service, and their products, for the sake of easier workload. Well, that's one of the fastest ways for a small business to starve, and eventually, die.

I can help you through these times, and keep you motivated until it becomes your company's culture. Only if you're willing to do the work.

Crane Artworks Print Media Design

Why I’m different

4 Great Reasons To Choose Me For Your Design Needs!

1. Professional Graphics that Command Attention: I’ll research your industry, then make you look like its leader. 

2. Experience: I started in advertising back when copy and paste meant using scissors and glue sticks. Since 1998, I’ve been using all things Adobe. Just since 2006, I’ve designed ads, print materials, website elements, magazines, and newspapers from cover to cover, to the tune of 10s of 1000s of files. I’m more than qualified!

3. Dependable: I treat people the way I want to be treated, and I want to be treated right! I treat every customer with the utmost respect, integrity, and the importance they deserve. I conduct each project as if it’s a make or break opportunity. 

4. Standard-Setting Turnaround Time: You know the bar that measures turnaround times, I set it!  

Websites by Crane Artworks LLC

Wallet-Friendly Responsive Websites

The Majority of Internet Users Are On Mobile Devices.

There are approximately 3.5 billion people worldwide using the internet, and the majority are on mobile devices. Why is that important to your business? Well, that sounds like a stupid question, unless as a business owner your unaware of what you’re leaving on the table. Especially, if your website is not responsive. Websites are not created equal. You can’t just throw up a website and expect the viewing public to be able to see it on their phone. Read More

Stock Photography Service

Using stock photos can get expensive, and they do nothing for making your print marketing materials, website, or online ads unique.

Crane Artworks LLC Stock Photography Service

My Skills

My experiences expand across many industries, including manufacturing, publishing, product development, advertising, home improvement, printing, and more.


  • Unique Stock Photos
  • Image Editing
  • Product
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • And More!


  • Marketing Assets
  • Website Content
  • Compiled Research Data
  • Advertising Materials
  • Articles/Blog Posts
  • White Papers
  • And More!


  • Website Graphics
  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Material Design
  • Logos/Branding Icons
  • Business Documents
  • Event Materials
  • And More!
  • Photoshop – 95%
  • Digital Design – 99%
  • Photography – 99%
  • Image Rendering & Enhancement – 99%
  • Indesign – 85%
  • Copywriting – 95%
  • Website Design – 90%
  • Speedy Competent Turnaround Time – 100%
Crane Artworks LLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Do your marketing materials or website need an upgrade? How about working with someone with decades of digital design experience? Someone that understands how valuable your time is, and knows you don’t want to spend a small fortune enhancing your business’s image. Well, you found him!

Crane Artworks LLC Stock Photography Service

I can help put your business’s image on the right track and make it more powerful than a locomotive.

“When you can do the common things in life, in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” – George Washington Carver

I’m not sure of the year Mr. Carver first spoke the above quote, I know his statement is as relative today as it ever has been. In this age of ultra competitiveness, it’s crucial for businesses to be uncommon, to have the thing that makes you look different from the 1000 other companies doing the same thing. I can help!

From My Clients

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“Kerry with Crane Artworks has been administrating over our websites for years. He always does a fantastic job, and quickly! Also, we use him for all of our marketing design work and photography. I highly recommend him!”

Susan Y.

Owner/Operator, Extreme Pool Care LLC

“I have received many printed items over the past few years, and have yet to have a complaint. Always fast and friendly service!”

Nita J.


“Top tier service, I won’t use anyone else!”

Karen A.

Financial Services Advisor

“We have always received the highest quality printed materials from Kerry, and great quality design work. He’s personable and professional.”

Kellie E.

RN, Hospice Administrator

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