Kerry T Crane

Photographer | Writer | Designer

Why Me?


I’m A Skilled Artist Who Can Tell Your Story With Words, Images, and Impactful Design. 

I have 39 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and sales, spanning many industries, e.g., retail, manufacturing, and construction, to name a few.

In almost four decades I’ve talked with thousands of people in business, and have discovered a commonality, many people start without a plan for growth. Planting a garden is great, but not having the resources for fertilizing and watering it will not yield a bountiful harvest. In fact, there will be no fruit available for harvest. So, before you go into business, make sure you have an established plan for how you will grow. That is if you desire to be a success story.

Having something that makes people’s lives better is not enough to build a successful business. Countless businesspeople with great ideas, products or services, close their doors within months of opening, because they failed to let potential customers know they existed. How can you have a blowout party, if you don’t send out invitations? The answer, you can’t! Therefore, you must have a strategy for inviting as many prospects for as low of an investment as possible. I can help you accomplish this task.

Too many people in business think of advertising as a luxury, something they will do when they reach a certain level of monetary success. Well, that’s not how it works. A business owner is best served by cutting back certain expenses and funneling those monies into a well-planned advertising campaign. Note, effective advertising doesn’t have to break the bank, to reap a reward. I’ll explain how when we meet.

Advertising your business in an impactful, persuasive way, that results in converting prospects to customers, that’s how you’ll grow your business. To do that, you need someone who understands how to speak to the needs and desires of your future customers. You need someone that knows how to present your company in such a way that it captivates, and convinces your prospects, resulting in closing the deal.

That’s where I fit in.

The copy I write, and the advertisements I design, make the complex simple, and positions your company as the logical solution for your prospects, turning them into customers.

Are you ready for a growth spurt? If the answer is yes, contact me here, and let’s get started increasing your customer base, and profits.

The highest regards,

Kerry T Crane