I have grown to tremendously appreciate the American bison and how they live. These beast are not pets and should not be categorized as livestock cattle. Although the bison no longer roam free, its wild nature hasn’t changed. When a herd lives roaming and grazing on thousands of acres, they are an elusive and unpredictable creature.

Below is information that if you’re unaware of, you may find interesting.

  • They can run 30 miles per hour, and maintain that speed for 30 miles without faltering.
  • Bison grow to 6-6.5 feet tall and 10-12.5 in length, tipping the scales at over a ton.
  • From a standing start, an 8-foot broad jump is well within their capabilities.
  • Clearing a 4-foot fence is easy, which is why grazing herds art behind 8-foot fences.
  • Bison possess excellent eyesight and an acute sense of hearing.
  • During the winter it’s common for snow to collect on the upper surface of their back and shoulders. The reason it collects is due to the superb insulation provided by their winter coat, which doesn’t allow their body heat to escape melting the snow.

Those are just a few things I find interesting, even fascinating about the American bison. These characteristics, among others, make the bison more than worthy to hold the esteem as our national mammal.

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