For, some people where the road ends marks the spot to turn around and go back. Not me, all my life the dead-end road was where the journey began. The point where the worn path narrowed, meeting what appeared to be an impassable gauntlet, that was, and is still, where the journey begins. Traipsing through the underbrush, into the dim light of a dense forest, that’s where the mysteries of self-discovery await. Not standing at roads end wondering what could be, but what trail could I cut that one day maybe a well-traveled highway. Even if used only in my journey.

We hear speakers talk about, and they have written a library of books about, “getting out of our comfort zone”. Testing ourselves is how we learn the grit we possess, which makes it possible to understand our strengths. Let no one (except God) tell you what your journey should look like, you hold the ax, you cut the path. You know what comfort zone has you entrapped, keeping your dreams at bay. Only we as individuals hear the inner voice that guides us throughout our day, and it’s that voice, we must learn to master.

If you’re willing, you are your best coach, for none knows you like you! That may sound oversimplified, but it’s far from simple. Why? Because it requires a raw and honest conversation with yourself, and I suggest you do it out loud. Look at it as having a heart to heart talk, but with your two hearts. The heart of who you are now, with the heart of whom you want to become. These two hearts will not lie if you’re being honest, and if you’re not honest, you’ll be the first to know.

In Tennyson’s poem, “The Passing of Arthur”, there’s a line that reads, “go forth and conquer as of old.”  How long have you had the dream? Night after night, the same visions of being the hero, the successor, the fixer, the one that finds the buried treasure.  I’ve had the same dreams since childhood, so it’s old. In life, I’ve experienced many successes where I went forth and conquered. Also, many battles that were miserable losses, however, the war rages on! Lord willing, I will fight many more battles before the war ends.

While there is breath in me, I will dream, and go forth and conquer!

Copyright © 2018 Kerry T Crane