It does the spirit, mind, and body good to stand and watch the sunrise over the horizon. With each passing second, the light reveals a new detail of the landscape. In the fleeting moments of sunrise, the colors paint the sky, the hills, and the prairie grasses. The shadows on the west sides of the hills hide details that until the sun is high in the sky will remain obscure. For me, it’s the most wondrous time of the day.

Just as the sun rises on a new day and its light reveals what the darkness has hidden, so is the gracious light of God. As I focus on the sun as to not miss a moment of its transformative light. I meditate on the simile of how God’s Son, the Light of the world, has transformed the landscape of my life. His love, grace, mercy, and word paint my life, and because of the righteousness of Jesus, it will be a masterpiece. Even though there remain shadows on some hillsides in my life, I know one day the Son will be high in the sky and nothing will be unknown. For me, this will be the most wondrous time of my life.