Would you like to impress your customers? Go To The Mailbox!

Substituting the personal touch in business is one of the greatest downfalls for companies today. Trying to replace personal relationships with digital correspondence does very little for growing most small businesses. What happened to the old-school courtship? I believe this missing element is why so many businesses struggle when they could be thriving. There’s much to say for asking for an appointment, looking someone in the eye, and shaking their hand, that an email, text or social media post can’t replace. Also, after the meet and greet, try sending a short letter of appreciation, thanking them for their time and consideration. Such a note will make you memorable and help build a lasting relationship. 

At 19 years of age, I sold cars at Travis Chrysler Plymouth Dodge. I remember the sales manager well, his name was Ron, and he was a real pro in the car business. He made sure every salesperson mailed a handwritten thank you note to the customer within 3 days of a sale. Ron knew how important it was to welcome new customers to the Travis family. The process worked for building a relationship with our customers and it went a long way toward referrals. It’s easy to refer friends and family to a courteous business you trust. A handwritten note is a powerful message saying, “I value your business.” 

You’ve got to act differently from everyone else that does what you do. The best way to do that is in secret! Don’t shout it from the tallest building, whisper it with a handwritten note. When your competitors see you succeed, they will think you have a special formula, and you do. The cool thing is, you’ll know you’re spending pennies telling your customers and prospects they’re important to you, using a method that matters most. So, get personal!