Recently, I spent time with a USPS executive, and we talked about the increase in direct mail and their Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program. It was impressive to hear about the success so many companies are experiencing with direct mail. So impressed, it caused me to ponder, why everyone isn’t using such an inexpensive and effective source for increasing and keeping their customer base. Direct mail works and the stats prove it! Check out this article from Forbes, you may just get excited! 
The obvious reason for the increase is because of growth in response rates. When executed, direct mail campaigns can be one of the most effective methods for growing your business. The unfortunate thing is so many companies use it as a shotgun approach. Such an approach can leave one wanting after someone has calculated the ROI. That’s why targeting your prospects works best! Targeting speaks to those that either need or want what you have and youve reminded them you’re the source.  
There’s a simple formula for developing a direct mail piece and it begins with VALUE. Yep, your mail piece has to cause a prospect to want to get off their couch and pay you a visit or ring your phone. When you tell prospects your story, it needs to contain an enthusiastic desire to gain their business, and nothing is better than sharing real value. I can get windows, cars, shoes, tacos, and burgers at any of 100+ places in Oklahoma City. But, I will get them from the company that at least makes me believe I got a great product at a good value. If I do, I will be back!
If you’ve been contemplating conducting a direct mail campaign, it would honor me to sit down with you and talk about your expectations. 
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