Personal growth is not unlike the life of a vine. The vine sprouts, because of the God-given elements of nutrient-rich soil, water, and sunlight. When any of these elements are missing, it would cause the vine to perish. Sometimes, the soil may not be adequate for optimal growth. There may be little water or the water source may contain contaminants. Maybe the vine is in a place where it receives little sunlight, all of which causes the vine to live in harsh conditions.  

Just as the vine would struggle or perish without proper food, water, and light, so is the success of our daily life. We need to feed ourselves good food, drink clean water, and be in the light. 

Whatever we put our minds and hands to accomplish to the highest level, we first must start by planting ourselves in an environment that will allow for optimal growth. It does no good planting yourself with other vines in an area where they have adapted to survive in harsh conditions but have no chance to flourish. 

Make sure your roots are in good soil: Surround yourself with people that feed you good food. Not just positive, but those that are honest, based on their experience, not just their opinion. People that share their own journey and the rises and falls along the way. 

Drink fresh, clean water: Don’t drink the kool-aid the naysayers are serving. Be a good student and listener. Read books written by experts. Learn so much about what it is you do that you can share it from just the overflow. Become an expert in your field!

Be in the light: Get so much light, that you illuminate the way for others. Helping others is the best way to meaningful success. If it’s all about the money, you’ll lack being fulfilled, and your legacy will not be a story worth hearing.

Remember, a vine in the light, planted in nutrient-rich soil, and water by the rains from heaven will grow over everything in its path. 

Kerry T Crane
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