Crane Artworks LLC Stock Photography Service

Why You Should Stop Using Stock Photos.

  • They’re boring!

  • You look like everyone else.

  • Missing the unique factor.

  • You’re not really telling your story.

  • They’re expensive.

  • Different Sizes, Different Prices.

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Crane Artworks LLC Stock Photography Service

Stock photos are boring to me for one reason, I see the same images everywhere. I’m surprised how many businesses use the most popular stock photos and expect to separate themselves from the competition. All that does is let viewers know you use someone else’s photography. That completely omits the uniqueness of your marketing materials. After all, the goal of marketing is to tell your story in such a way that prospects think of you when they need a certain product or service. Stock photos are not part of your story.

The cost of stock photos is another great reason to use your own. If your company is an aggressive advertiser, you’re spending a fortune on quality stock images. To include, if you use them for print and web, then you have to purchase a large file-sized photo, and that becomes costly. You can always scale down a large image to use on the web, but you can’t scale up a small one to use for printed materials.

If you have a library of your own stock photography, you can save the original, make a copy, then use it for whatever you choose. Doesn’t that make sense?

Crane Artworks LLC Stock Photography Service


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