The art of photography is an ongoing process of learning, exploration, and experimentation. Fine art photography requires more than pressing the shutter button. It’s having the knowledge and understanding of how light, shadows, contrast, and composition yield an eye-pleasing photograph. The old cliche’ “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a fine sentiment, but it only applies to images that engage the viewer’s curiosity, imagination, and emotion. I hope some of my work causes this to occur in your mind.

Crane Artworks LLC is an Oklahoma company based in Moore, Oklahoma. I’m passionate about photography and the never-ending pursuit of excellence. If you’re interested in seeing my art photography offerings, check out my current available inventory.

I print all Crane Artwork photographs on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic paper because it’s intended for artistic images as opposed to the traditional family portrait types of poses usually printed on Kodak’s Lustre paper. The metallic paper cost more, but it’s worth the expense.