This photo is of some travelers enjoying the awesome view from the top of Mount Scott. It’s located in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. Mt. Scott is near the Fort Sill Military Reservation, northwest of Lawton, Oklahoma. The cool little community of Medicine Park sits near the base of the mountain. If you’ve never visited the area, it’s well worth the trip. FYI, everything to see and do in the area can’t be done in a day. Photo Credit: Kerry T Crane © 2017

People on Mt. Scott

Copywriting should be an honest description of who you are, what you do, where it’s available, why anyone should choose you, and the features and benefits your company provides. Also, a special offer goes a long way to getting a bite, rather than a nibble.

I encourage my clients to write copy from a consumer’s perspective, not from their own. When we write from our own perspective, we end up telling our story in a boring voice. That will not engage the prospect. Use your imagination and place yourself in the buyer’s position. Ask yourself, would this move me to action?

Let’s say you have a lawn care business and you want to open up a new area of town. Your goal is to get enough new clients to make it cost-effective to drive there weekly. You already know there’s another company in the neighborhood, but you believe you can offer better service. How are you going to convey that to the prospects? After all, don’t most lawn care companies offer pretty much the same services? Sure they do. So you have to separate yourself from the competition. How? 



The image on the right or below, depending on the type of device you’re using, is a postcard I designed for one of my clients. We used it as a mailer into areas the owner wanted to open up some new business.

The tag line, “We Work, You Play” puts an image in the minds of pool owners, or prospects looking into building a pool. It’s easy to imagine turning your backyard into a luxurious staycation space, without lifting a finger. All the client has to do, is watch the building process, and visualize the time coming when they can enjoy playing in their new watery oasis.

The postcard campaign was a huge success, and two years later, Extreme Pool Care LLC is still riding the wave.

You’ll notice on the front of the card, there’s ample evidence for creating trust and building authority. Using the Angie’s List Super Service Award badge, the A+ BBB logo, and the check us out on Google icon, are powerful symbols. On the back, there’s a mention about the company receiving the AL award multiple times.

The three coupon offers will cause interested prospects to hang on to the card for an extended period of time. It’s been seen that new customers have come from the mailout over a year later. That’s why I encourage my clients to omit expiration dates. I know, some marketers like expiration dates because they think it moves people to action quicker. That has not been my observation in the past 20 years plus. 

This is only one of many successful campaigns I’ve had the privilege to be involved with from start to finish.